Spring 2015


President  – Sharleen LeeSharleen Lee 1
Year: 2nd
Major: Intended Business & Classics
Experience: Corporate Finance Intern with CIMIC; Investment Banking Extern with Goldman Sachs, Marketing Intern with Performics, Gucci, and L’Oreal
What are you looking forward to in UCA?: Working with this amazing group of people to host fantastic events.
Favorite Film: Wall-E or Star Wars III



Internal Vice President – Emily WelschEmily Welsch
Year: 3rd
Major: Media Studies
Experience: In UCA I have served as both the Director of Communications and as a member of the Marketing Committee. I was also lucky enough to participate in the Berkeley Global Internships program through which I interned at D-Light Studios and Blow Photo Magazine in Dublin, Ireland while taking classes at the University College Dublin. In the past I have also been a Marketing Intern for Berkeley’s Blue & Gold Yearbook and a member of BCEC’s Television Committee.
What are you looking forward to in UCA?: I am so excited to watch this amazing organization grow and to be a part of this fun and supportive community of media nerds.
Celebrity Crush: T-Swift, duh


External Vice President – Elaine JengElaine Jeng 1
Year: Sophomore
Major: Intended Business and Applied Mathematics
Experience: UCA Finance Director last semester, Intern at E&E Co.
What are you looking forward to in UCA?: Creating a tight-knit community! ☺
Celebrity Crush: Chris Pratt




Marketing Vice President – Connie Chen
Connie Chen 1
Year: 2nd
Major: Intended Business Administration & Media Studies
Experience: Community Manager Intern at Localwise, Marketing & Outreach Intern at Brea Art Gallery, Graphic Design Intern at Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk
What are you looking forward to in UCA?: Expanding our reach on campus, meeting and learning from communications professionals at our networking events, and connecting with fellow communications/media-obsessed students!
Favorite Film: When Harry Met Sally


Director of Community Outreach – Sara LimSara Lim
Year: Junior
Major: Media Studies
Experience: Current Social Media Assistant for ASUC Student Union; UCA Marketing Committee Member since 2014
What are you looking forward to in UCA?: Meeting new people and developing professional skills
Favorite Film: Currently 22 Jump Street




Director of Corporate Outreach – Victoria HansonVictoria H headshot
Year: 2nd
Major: Media Studies
Experience: Assistant to the Public Relations Vice President in my sorority (Gamma Phi Beta), External Marketing Chair for Gamma Phi Beta, Marketing team for kind, Public Relations Committee for UCA, Public Relations & Marketing Committee for Fashion & Student Trends
What are you looking forward to in UCA?: I am really looking forward to the new developments UCA will undergo throughout 2015. I’m excited to see how big we will grow and how we’ll be able to enlighten students with our dedication to communications!
Favorite Film: Although I’m a big fan of classics and comedies, The Sound of Music is my favorite!


Director of Design – Justine SizemoreJustine Sizemore
Year: 1st Year
Major: Media Studies and Sociology
Experience: Design for Print and Social Media, Marketing Analysis and Strategizing
What are you looking forward to in UCA?: I am looking forward to working with a community of creative, passionate people to expand UCA’s impact as a link between students and the professional world. I hope to make good use of innovative design and marketing tactics to raise awareness among the student body of all that UCA has to offer.
Favorite Film: Dead Poets Society


Director of Finance – Lillian KaoLillian Kao 1
Year: 2nd
Major: Media Studies
Experience: Assistant Finance Manager at The Daily Californian, Undergraduate Research Assistant at the Haas School of Business, Extern at Pandora
What are you looking forward to in UCA?: I’m looking forward to meeting new members, working with a fabulous committee, and spending time with my UCA family!
Favorite Film: My Neighbor Totoro



Director of Member Relations – Alex VillanuevaAlex Villanueva 2
Year: 2nd Year/Sophomore
Major: Media Studies & Rhetoric
Experience: Besides a semester’s worth of being in the marketing committee of the UCA, I also served a year as both a member of the Beverley Cleary Hall Association, and the Resident Hall Assembly. I was Senior year class president and I formed/lead the Soledad Not In Our School movement during my Junior year of high school; which basically means I’m used to organizing events, leading folks into battle, and attempting to be a swell people-person. Besides all of the aforementioned, I am extremely, extremely anal about being organized, and always having a plan to each and every situation imaginable.
What are you looking forward to in UCA?: Enhancing my skills in the field of communications, making strong connections with current and newcomer members, and, of course, Karaoke Night.
Favorite Film (as of right now): Snowpiercer (I side with the train)
Celebrity Crush: Channing Tatum


Director of Strategic Consulting – Wesley HsiehWesley Hsieh
Year: 4th
Major: Sociology
Experience: Spring 2014- Strategic Consulting Committee Member; Fall 2014- Strategic Consulting Committee Director
What are you looking forward to in UCA?: A sense of community among all UCA members. ALSO, an exciting and fun case competition!
Favorite Film: Rush Hour 2




Director of Social Media – Victoria LimVictoria Lim
Year: Sophomore
Major: Intended Economics Major and Music Minor
Experience: This previous semester I was the fall marketing and sustainability intern at New Resource Bank. Last summer, I worked at Big City Chefs, a private cooking and catering company featured on Food Network, as their marketing intern, responsible for projects such as social media management. In high school, I was the Social Media Manager and Web Editor of a public radio program devoted to the art of singing, VoiceBox, for three years. I’ve also worked as a Social Media Consultant for Develop Africa, Inc., and I’ve written articles for Nubry, an online fashion magazine.
What are you looking forward to in UCA?: I’m looking forward to getting to know and learn from my interns this semester while teaching them professional skills.
Celebrity Crush: Chris Pine


Historian – Olivia Tang-KongOlivia Tang-Kong
Year: 3rd
Major: Media Studies & Economics
Experience: Within UCA, I have been lucky enough to act as Director of Strategic Consulting and President. Outside of our club, I am currently a Marketing Assistant for the UC Berkeley Student Affairs Communications Team. In the past, I have worked as a Communications Intern for Girls Leadership Institute, Historian for Cal Rotaract, and Chief Marketing Officer for UC Berkeley Human Powered Vehicle.
What are you looking forward to in UCA?: I’m excited for the expansion of our club, with more programming and events, expanded social media presence, and increased networking opportunities than ever before! Beyond that, I’m simply excited to see the new heights our club will reach in the upcoming year.
Favorite Film: Never Let Me Go or Beginners. I’m a sucker for a hipster romance movie.


Secretary – Sophia SieglerSophia Siegler
Year: Sophomore
Major: Media Studies, English minor
Experience: This is my second semester in UCA, and my first as Secretary. Previously, I was on the Communications Committee.
What are you looking forward to in UCA?: I’m looking forward to starting new projects, expanding the club, and having more awesome parties.
Celebrity Crush: The Avengers



Webmaster – Paulina SaraccoPaulina Saracco
Year: 2nd
Major: Media Studies, Conservation and Resource Studies & History of Art Minors
Experience: Within UCA, I was a member of the Communications Committee. I have worked as a marketing analyst with the Latino Business Student Association. I am also a mentor with the Youth Support Program.
What are you looking forward to in UCA?: I am excited to meet new people who have similar interests as me and am looking forward to the expansion of the club.
Favorite Film: At the moment, GoodFellas


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